Conversation Design

Chat/Voice Bot Development & Deployment

Advanced Course: The Nuts and Bolts


Conversational AI is a human’s ability to speak with a computer in a human language, instead of the computer’s. Using tools such as rule-based chatbots, NLP, NLU and NLG (Natural Language Processing, Understanding and Generating), conversation designers shape, write and create the ways in which a digital interface can communicate with a person.

As conversation designers, you’ll be spending most of your time chatting with bots and reviewing conversations. This process is an art form in its own right and with enough practice, you’ll learn how ro recognize one line fallbacks, repair messages and so forth.

The Advanced Course will allow the students to get their hands dirty, and will take them into the art of building conversational experiences from scratch. 

How do you start a conversation? How do you instill a personality in your chatbot, and make sure it is consistent and coherent? How do you use previously collected information to enhance your users' experience? What is a fallback and how do you recover from a broken flow?

By the end of the course, the students will have a deployment of an advanced multi-purpose chatbot that can be presented as a use case.






Duration & Scope

5 weekly sessions, 15 hours in total

Meet "say" and "navigation"; Introducing "parameters" and "values"; One-liners, FAQs and loops; Writing for Voice vs Writing for Text; Deployment time



Tuesdays, 25 May – 22 June

5pm to 8:15pm


About CoCoHub

We are CoCoHub, and we bring chatbots to life! We empower you  to create your own human-like chatbot. We give you the tools, resources and knowledge you need: Pre-made mini-chatbots that function as lego bricks; an intuitive, user-friendly, no-code visual studio which functions as “super-platform”; and various channels to publish them.