Versio Academy | CoCoHub

Versio Academy and CoCoHub join forces to deliver unique, groundbreaking courses on Conversational AI and Conversation Design, to write and build text- and voice-based bots. As conversation designers, you’ll be spending most of your time chatting with bots and reviewing conversations.

About CoCoHub
CoCoHub brings chatbots to life. It empowers you to create your own human-like chatbot, using unique tools, resources and knowledge: pre-made mini-chatbots that function as lego bricks; an intuitive, user-friendly, no-code visual studio which functions as “super-platform”, and various channels to publish them.

Versio Academy | UX Writing Hub

Versio Academy and UX Writing Hub join forces to deliver a much needed localization course for UX writers and designers. The course covers themes like overview of the localization business, typical contents types, principles of internationalization, best writing principles for localization, and much more.

About UX Writing Hub
The UX Writing Hub is working with technology companies to improve their UX and content operations. It trains writers to thrive in product teams and across the technology sector, and creates a lot of free content for writers in tech.