Why Did I Establish Versio Academy?

As the owner of an established translation and localization company, it is my responsibility to feel the pulse of the business world and understand developing market trends. As the world becomes more digital, the needs of my clients change. Many entrepreneurs, start-ups, and app developers need localization rather than translation – even if they aren’t of aware of it.

In today’s world, the tools that served translators for decades need to be refined in order to stay relevant. Transferring content that is read on a phone screen from one language to another, as well as micro-copy, text for a landing page, marketing slogans and more – requires an expertise in localization.

I chose to establish Versio Academy because I felt that the market is filled with wonderful translators and editors who are not adept at localization, and therefore cannot participate in some of the most exciting content projects that are flooding the business world. My motivation is to teach them everything they need to know – although they already know quite a lot – in order for them to operate at the forefront of the content industry.

I chose to establish Versio Academy because I felt that Israel lacked an institution that focuses specifically on localization studies, and creates an in-depth connection between localization and translation and language editing. I wanted to establish a school that would focus on theory while also providing practical tools.

I chose to establish Versio Academy because localization is dear to my heart, and I want to play an active role in shaping a new and successful generation of localization experts in Israel.

My vision has become a reality. With the help of an amazing team of lecturers, partners and professionals, the dream has been fulfilled. I hope the school will be meaningful to its students, at least as it is to me.

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