Rachel Kremer – Founder & CEO

Rachel is a seasoned translator and localization expert. Rachel, who studied translation at Beit Berl College, has been working as a translator since 1995, when she founded Versio Translations, her leading translation company.

Rachel was first exposed to the world of localization in 2005, after Google’s launch in Israel. Rachel is a certified Google translator and a well-known localization professional. In addition to Google, Rachel’s resume includes projects for Apple, Samsung, Motorola and other leading brands.
In addition to her professional track record, Rachel serves as language lead specialist for Airbnb and Yandex.Taxi in Israel, where she supervises other localization translators, develops specific terms and conducts QA for different platforms.

Rachel is a member at the Standards Institution of Israel’s committees for the display of graphic elements and accompanying text, and for user interface for the implementation of bi-directional text editing.
Rachel established Versio Academy to train translators, reviewers and writers to become high-level localization experts, who will take an active role in shaping the digital world of the future.




The teaching staff at Versio Academy is comprised of leading experts in localization, translation, and review. We aim to train a new generation of translation and review experts in localization, and equip them with practical tools for advancing groundbreaking digital projects.

Gal Puder

A senior reviewer at Google Israel's localization team. Gal is a translator and language editor with almost 20 years of experience, especially in technical, marketing and pedagogic fields. A certified translator and translation editor, Gal has a BA in Hebrew Language and Communication. She is crazy about word play; as a university student, she penned cryptic crossword puzzles for the student association newspaper.

Bracha Lang

A certified Google translator and an English lecturer at various academic institutions. Bracha has a BA in English Teaching and an MA in Translation from Bar Ilan University. Over the past decade, Bracha has provided localization services for Google products and other leading companies, including Apple, Samsung, HP and more.

Liath Noy

A freelance translator and localization expert with 12 years of experience. Previously working as a systems analyst, Liath has an MA in Geography and a translation certification. She studied at Beit Berl College, and also taught localization courses at Tel Aviv University and Beit Berl College. Her professional experience includes Google translations, translation editing, translation quality assurance, style guide writing, terminology management, and more.

Lia Nirgad

A writer and translator. Lia teaches translation and editing at Beit Berl College for over a decade. Her writings – novels, documentary writing and children's fiction – have been published in Israel and overseas and adapted for theatre. Lia translates from English, Spanish and German, and has been awarded a prize by Israel's Ministry of Culture for her work. Among others, she has translated the works of Oscar Wilde, Virginia Wolfe, Mary Wollstonecraft, Stefan Zweig, Antonio Munoz Molina and Gabriel Garcia Marques.

Zehavit Ehre

A translator, editor, transcriber and subtitle project manager since 2002. Zehavit has an MA in Linguistics and a translation certification from Tel Aviv University. She currently works as the Territory Supervisor in Israel for an American media company that supplies subtitles and dubbing for the world's top streaming companies. Zehavit also teaches subtitle translation at Oranim Academic College, Tel Aviv University and Beit Berl College. At the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Zehavit had an active role in making content accessible for the hard of hearing.

Yael Segal, Adv.

An attorney and Hebrew-English/English-Hebrew legal translator since 2011. Yael has a BA in Law and Psychology from Tel Aviv University. She lectures on legal translation and the legal aspects of translation at Beit Berl College.

Guest Lecturers

Yuval Holtzman

A translator, editor and technical localization expert. Yuval has a BA in Humanities and a translation & translation editing certificate. He edits translations for Google, and provides translation, editing and localization team management services to leading companies from the tech, commerce and tourism industries. Yuval's background includes technical management of localization projects. He also served as an English and technology solution teacher and instructor.

Michael Amir

A copywriter and advertising strategist with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and social media. Michael is a senior lecturer at the New Media College, and also teaches at the Open University's "Hasifa" School for Media Professions. He works as a digital content strategist for leading and developing businesses, companies and brands.

Dafna Eisenreich

Founded an initiative called "Dabru Eleynu", which promotes gender-inclusive language, and is the writer of "Lichtov Lekulam/n" – a guide for gender-equal and gender-neutral writing. Dafna serves as Digital Manager at a sexual assault crisis center in Tel Aviv. A UX specialist, Dafna helps organizations implement gender-inclusive writing.