Localization for UX


A good source should be clear and fluentfocusing on the user and conveying a key message using natural phrasing


Localization is the process of adaptinga product, a service or digital content to the language and culture of the target locale, so that the end result would sound natural in that locale. Great localization can make a digital brand, just as bad localization can break it

Translating words isn’t enough. Successful localization must consider cultural norms and match formats and visual elements to every locale. Today’s top brands have a global audience. But outdated translation services won’t get you there. Learn the modern approach to connecting with customers in any locale.

Whether you want to build a localization strategy for new markets or sharpen your localization writing skills, our course is perfect for you:

✅ Become an expert writer for localization in just 2 months

✅ Localize your digital assets and penetrate new markets

✅ Learn at the leading school for localization



Practice in real-life environments 

As a member of Academic Programs of leading companies such as Phrase, Crowdin and Lokalize, during the course you’ll have access to localization platforms and tools so you can practice in real-life environments.



Don’t miss out!

Who is the tutor?

The course will be led by Rachel Kremer, a localization expert with over 30 years of experience in the translation and localization industries. Rachel is a Google certified translator, Hebrew Language Specialist for Yandex, and Hebrew Lead Linguist for Airbnb. Over the course of her career Rachel has localized hundreds of thousands of digital contents.

Who is the course for?

When products are designed from the outset with localization in mind, scaling becomes seamless.

The course is made for all members of a product team.

  • UX/Content writers
  • UX graphic designers
  • Micro-copy experts
  • Localization managers
  • Content managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Linguists

Become an expert writer for localization

Join a diverse group of students from around the world as you learn together in this fully remote course with engaging lectures, lessons, and exercises will keep you motivated.

✅ Get hands-on practice with today’s top localization tools and platforms

✅ Complete challenging exercises and get feedback from industry experts

✅ Become an expert writer for localization and bring value to your company

What will you learn?

Almost everything there is to know about localization, including:

  • Deep overview of the localization industry: definitions, processes, players, quality assurance, and more
  • Overview of the localization process: Language Service Providers, linguists, CAT tools
  • Typical content types: target audiences, objectives, fluency, transcreation, and much more
  • Cultural considerations: cultural references, jokes, slang, organizational language, style guide and more
  • Context: common mistakes, obstacles, string segmentation, references, segment descriptions, and much more
  • Internationalization: measurement units, tags & placeholders, locale norms, localization of XML code, bi-directonality, and much more


The course includes 8 weekly 4-hour online meetings (up to 15 students):

October 4, 2021 to November 22, 2021

12:00 (IST)  *  9:00 am (GMT)  *  11:00 am (CET) 

October 7, 2021 to November 25, 2021

18:00 (IST)  *  3:00 pm (GMT)  *  5:00 pm (CET)

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Versio Academy | UX Writing Hub

Versio Academy and UX Writing Hub join forces to deliver a much needed localization course for UX writers and designers. The course covers themes like overview of the localization business, typical contents types, principles of internationalization, best writing principles for localization, and much more.

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