?How was Versio Academy Born

Two years ago, I decided to establish Versio Academy in order to train translators and editors to become high-level localization professionals, so that they can successfully integrate into digital arenas and address the growing international need for localization. But like all beginnings, things weren’t so simple.

Versio Academy’s 2nd birthday got me thinking about the early days. It all started with my frustration. Yup, that’s right, frustration. As a translation company owner, I was frustrated because I found it harder and harder to recruit high-level translators for global projects. After a long period of searching for personnel for countless projects, while constantly worrying that the translators’ professional level would not be sufficient from a localization standpoint, I began thinking about opening my own localization school. 

I operate very quickly, so it didn’t take me long to put together a great team of teachers. Together, we structured a unique curriculum and set a date for the official launch. Last month, we celebrated the graduation of our 5th class.

And then COVID-19 hit.

COVID has touched each of our lives, creating painful hardships for some and unveiling new opportunities for others. It completely changed everything at Versio Academy, because we could no longer administer our courses in our classrooms.

How does one respond to such uncertainty? We were worried, but we also had some ideas on how to move forward. So, we decided to transfer the school’s activity to Zoom.

As it turned out, this was one of the best decisions we have made over the past two years. We started getting inquiries from translators from all over the world, who wanted to join our translation course. We are also approached by content writers and marketing experts, and translators from specific areas of expertise (such as literature translation), who were looking for new and lucrative professional training. We were even approached by digital nomads who work while traveling the world (so jealous!). As it turned out, one small virus – which I hate and hope would disappear from our world for good – forced us to abandon our comfort zone and adapt. Instead of hibernating, we embraced the good the world had to offer us.

In September, we celebrated Versio Academy’s 2nd birthday, and the graduation of our 5th class, which was educated via Zoom. The 6th class is set to begin in January 2021, and we continue to feel the market’s pulse and adapt our activities as we go along. In January, we will be launching several new activities: a localization-based translation editing course, a subtitles translation course and a legal translation workshop. In addition, we will continue the tradition that began during the first COVID lockdown: online meetings with top-of-the-line professionals, who will share their knowledge with our growing local localization community.

I look back at the past two years and am filled with gratitude for all the challenges, surprises and successes that we experienced. I am proud that we trained 50 localization experts that are already involved in international projects for global companies (Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and others). Two of our graduates started working as localization project managers for local translation companies.

What does the future hold for us? We will continue to develop our advanced training courses for anyone who is interested in professional development. We will also continue cultivating our local localization community on Facebook, while opening our doors to people who live and breathe digital content.

Thank you to our wonderful partners! This could not have been possible without you.

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